DIY Christmas popsicle stick puzzle craft

If you want a fun Christmas craft to make with your kids this holiday season, this DIY Christmas popsicle stick puzzle craft is an easy and cheap craft for kids of all ages and can be made with just a few simple supplies.

Let's make a Christmas popsicle stick puzzle together! Gather your supplies.

Paint the popsicle sticks green and let them dry completely.

Line up all of the popsicle sticks in a row.

Tape the edges so that the popsicles stay together.

Download, print out and cut out the ornament along the lines.

Trace the ornament template onto the popsicle sticks.

Paint the ornament red.

Paint additional designs.

Glue on rhinestones and sequins.

Remove the tape.

Scramble all of the popsticle sticks.

Put the puzzle back together again!

Grab the full tutorial at the link below!