FREE printable Christmas bingo

This adorable Christmas bingo free printable is a fun Christmas game for all ages. Whether you are looking for a Christmas game for a small group or an activity fit for a crowd, this free printable is just what you need with 30 unique Christmas bingo cards.

Let's take a look at this free printable Christmas bingo game together!

Download my free printable Christmas bingo template.

Make sure to print out two copies of the calling card.

Cut one copy into small squares and place them in a hat or festive bowl.

Use candies, such as M&Ms, wrapped chocolates, gum drops, or mini marshmallows to mark off the squares as the pictures get called.

There are 36 images that can be picked (with only 24 spots to fill on a card), so you will get 30 unique cards, making this Christmas bingo game fun and challenging.

Have fun! Be sure to download my free printable Christmas bingo template to get your FREE 30 bingo cards this Christmas season!

Download the FREE printable at the link below!