4th of July Bingo

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Celebrate Independence Day with our free printable 4th of July Bingo cards! Enjoy patriotic fun with family and friends. Download now and have a blast with this festive game of bingo!
Three 4th of July bingo cards that have been fanned out on a blue table with cut out calling cards scattered around the surface.
Three 4th of July bingo cards fanned out on a blue table with some red and blue M&Ms covering squares and a small red bowl of calling cards off to the side.

With fireworks bursting across the night sky and laughter echoing through the neighborhood, the Fourth of July marks a joyous occasion when friends and family gather to honor the birth of a nation. What better way to add an extra dash of excitement to your Independence Day festivities than with a classic game of 4th of July Bingo?

With our 30 beautifully designed printable bingo cards, you can create a delightful gaming experience right in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ, organizing a block party, or simply looking for some family-friendly entertainment, our 4th of July Bingo game is sure to ignite joy, laughter, and friendly competition.

So, gather your loved ones, fire up the printer, and let the red, white, and blue merriment begin!

You’ll love this printable because:

  • 30 unique cards. Each colorful card included is unique, so you can play this 4th of July bingo game with up to 30 people! Perfect for large family gatherings or community events. Have a smaller crew? Just print off the number of cards you need to save paper and ink.
  • Longer games. Every card in the deck contains 24 squares, along with a bonus space. However, the calling card boasts an impressive collection of 36 unique 4th of July pictures to announce during gameplay. As a result, the chance of encountering the called picture on your bingo card is uncertain. This delightful twist adds extra duration to the bingo game, ensuring an extended period of festive enjoyment!
  • Easy to download and print. You can download and print your 4th of July Bingo cards using your printer at home. These printable cards conveniently fit on a standard letter-sized piece of paper. For a sturdier bingo experience, consider using cardstock, as it is compatible with most home printers and provides a thicker game board.
  • Great for all ages. This bingo game is great for players of all ages. Kids and adults alike will love playing this game. Using photos instead of words makes it easier for younger children to play along, too!

Here’s what you’ll need:

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Supplies notes

  • Cardstock – I love printing my bingo cards on thick 110lb cardstock instead of regular printer paper. It makes the cards feel more special and luxurious when you hold them.
  • Color Printer – You can use a home printer to print these bingo cards. If you don’t have one, you can send the file to your local print shop instead. Alternatively, check out your local library, as they often provide simple printing services like this at a low cost. 
  • Laminator (optional) – I didn’t do this, but if you want to print these cards once and get use of them for years to come, use a laminator to laminate the cards! This protective layer will help preserve their quality over time. Once laminated, you can conveniently mark off your bingo cards using dry erase markers, offering the flexibility to reuse them. Alternatively, you can use candy like we did to mark off each box. 
  • Scissors or paper cutter – Each bingo card fits on a single piece of paper, ensuring easy printing. However, you’ll need either scissors or a paper cutter to carefully cut out the calling card boxes into small, individual pieces. These cut-out boxes can then be placed in a hat or container, ready to be randomly drawn to call off each item during the game.
  • 4th of July M&Ms, marshmallows, or other candies – You’ll need some type of small candy to mark off the boxes. Some of my favorites are red, white and blue M&Ms, mini marshmallows, Skittles, Starbursts, Jelly Beans, or even small patriotic-themed chocolates or gummies that you can often find seasonally. If you don’t mind using these bingo cards only once, an alternative option is to use a marker or pen for marking them.

Consider laminating the bingo cards and calling card squares for long-term preservation. Keep them all together in a shirt gift box with a label, so you can conveniently store and retrieve them for future use. This way you’ll have your 4th of July bingo cards ready to go for the next year!

An overhead view of a single 4th of July bingo card on a blue table with a bowl of red and blue M&Ms and another bowl of cut out calling cards that match what's on the bingo card game.

How to Play 4th of July Bingo

4th of July bingo is very easy to play and this free printable makes it so simple to do! Follow these steps (there are more detailed steps in the how-to card) so that you can play this fun activity with your family this 4th of July!

  1. Download the bingo cards
  1. Print the bingo cards and 2 copies of the calling card on cardstock using a color 
  2. printer. Ensure that the “fit” option is selected in your printing settings to avoid any cut-off parts when printed.
  3. If desired, laminate the bingo cards for extra durability and repeated future use.
  4. Cut out each square of one calling card using scissors or a paper cutter. Place them in a festive bowl or hat (like Uncle Sam’s hat!). Leave the other calling card uncut to use as the reference calling card.
  5. Distribute the bingo cards to the participants along with a handful of bingo markers, such as patriotic M&Ms, mini marshmallows, candies, or even coins. Instruct participants to mark off the free space in the center of their cards.
  6. Take turns drawing a square from the festive hat or bowl and announce the picture on it. If a player has that picture on their card, they should mark it with a candy. Also mark off the reference calling card with a marker to ensure you have a full list of which pictures have been called. 
  7. When a player completes a row, column, or diagonal with five marked squares, they should shout “BINGO!”
  8. You can either end the game there or continue playing to award 2nd and 3rd place prizes as well.

For the supplies list with quantities, full instructions, printable how-to card and additional notes, please scroll down to the how-to card.

Expert Tips

  • Print the 4th of July bingo cards on high-quality cardstock. To enhance the vibrancy of the colors, choose a bright white cardstock. I highly recommend using AstroBrite 110lb Cardstock for this purpose.
  • To avoid permanent marks on the bingo cards, consider using edible bingo markers such as candy. This allows for reuse year after year, ensuring ongoing enjoyment of the cards without any lasting marks.
  • If you don’t need all 30 bingo cards, just print off the number you need! You can use the printer settings to selectively print specific pages, allowing you to print only the desired number of cards. This saves paper and printer ink for another project!


Can I sell this 4th of July bingo printable to others?

No, selling this 4th of July bingo printable is not allowed. It is intended for personal use exclusively. Kindly refrain from sharing it with others. Instead, use the provided link to download these bingo cards for your personal enjoyment. Feel free to share the post with your friends and family, allowing them to download their own set of bingo cards.

How many different cards are included in the bingo printable?

There are 30 unique bingo cards included in this printable, so you can play with a large crowd of up to 30 people. Perfect for large gatherings, community events, camp games, daycare classes, and more!

How do I print out the bingo cards?

Scroll down to the box that shows a lock on it and subscribe to my newsletter to receive the bingo cards for free. Once you do that, you can click the image and the PDF will open in a new tab. Click on the symbol in the upper right corner of the screen that looks like a printer. You should be able to print directly from there or save the file to your computer to print at a print shop later.

An overhead view of a single 4th of July bingo card on a blue table with a bowl of red and blue M&Ms and another bowl of cut out calling cards that match what's on the bingo card game.

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Free printable pages of a 4th of July Bingo game on a blue background with a button over it that says "Click HERE to download the FREE 4th of July bingo printable!"
Three 4th of July bingo cards that have been fanned out on a blue table with cut out calling cards scattered around the surface.

4th of July Bingo

Celebrate Independence Day with our free printable 4th of July Bingo cards! Enjoy patriotic fun with family and friends. Download now and have a blast with this festive game of bingo!
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  • 32 sheets 110lb Cardstock, I like 110lb Astrobrite White Cardstock
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Bingo daubers, use M&Ms, candies, pennies, etc.
  • Laminator and laminating sheets, optional
  • Hat or bowl


  • Download the free printable 4th of July bingo sheets. Print them out on a color printer. Be sure to choose “fit” in your printing options to be sure that none of the card gets cut off in your printer.
  • Print two copies of the calling card. Keep one calling card as is. Cut the squares from the other calling card out into individual squares using scissors or a paper cutter. Set those aside in a festive 4th of July hat or bowl.
  • You can laminate the individual bingo cards if you’d like to use them for long-term use.
  • Give all participants 24 bingo daubers. These can be M&Ms, candies, or pennies. If you don’t want to reuse the bingo cards, you can use a marker or sticker.
  • Let everyone know that the FREE space can be marked off on their sheet. Choose one square from the bowl or hat and call it out. If it’s on someone’s card, they’ll mark it off with a bingo dauber.
  • Once a player gets 5 in a row (either in a row, column or diagonally), they call out BINGO.
  • You can end the game there, or keep playing until you get a 2nd and 3rd place winner.


To print the 4th of July bingo cards, you will need to subscribe to my newsletter above. Look for the box that has a lock on it and click there. If you don’t see it, click this link. Once you do that, you can click the photo and it will open the PDF printable in a separate window. Click the printer icon in the upper righthand corner to print the printables.

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